Taking Business Management Out of the Box


Caitlin P.

"B&H has been something I can look forward to everyday.I truly believe we look for good people that we can make extraordinary. Simply by creating challenges but never without support and staying true to our beliefs. I am so blessed to work for a company that provides more than just a paycheck, it's a new mindset. Our culture has not only had a tremendous impact on my daily drive and motivation at work, but my desire to be a better leader at home." 

Blake P.

"The culture at B&H inspires and energizes me to be successful at work and in my personal life. B&H is the only company I have worked for that truly cares about its people and wants them to succeed. I have a passion for this company as if it were my family and when I look around at my peers I see the same passion in them. When you see that in the company you're with you know you are part of something special."

Matt D.

"I've been with the company [B&H Computers] for eight years, eight states, and traveled thousands of miles. If that doesn't win you over with what I'd do for the company, and what they've done for me, I don't know what will."

Derek C.

"B&H Computers has afforded me many opportunities that I would not have received otherwise. I have grown so much in terms of knowledge and leadership. I feel as though I have some sort of 'ownership' in B&H."

Sam J.

"Working here had provided me with the means to live to a higher standard of living that I never could afford before. I am Extremely grateful for the position that I have and love doing it every day."

Jason V.

"Dynamic, unique experience, a place that offers the best pay and benefits for the work. A career opportunity with innovative thinkers who have their priorities in order. I've experienced travel, privilege, and development. I've experience an environment that ultimately revolved around the individuals who are working on the front line and the leadership understands that. B&H teaches how to handle high-stress to the benefit of increased skill and results. I've experienced leadership who show loyalty to those who show it in return. Overall my experience with B&H is excellent, much of my life is devoted to B&H and I feel good about that."

Carla H.

"Throughout my years of working at B&H, I have witnessed a magnificent transformation in myself & in others. I have watched a creation of a culture of greatness. B&H has brought out the best in me and helped me to find my special seat on the bus. I have always considered myself as a passionate person & I have been so lucky to be associated with a company that evokes that same passion and desire to be successful. I have been incredible fortune to watch this transformation of success with my company and most certainly within myself. When you finally find a job you love, it no longer seems like you are working. I can genuinely say I love what I do."

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't Settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it." ~ Steve Jobs

James C.

"I came to B&H from taking a much needed 'vacation' to catch up on things around the home that I had to let go during my tenure with my previous employer. I was called long before I returned, and I figured that had I tried to come back that it would be frowned upon because I was a "didn't call back" person. Well, surprisingly enough, after I had caught back up on my personal agenda, I got a call from a store manager who was in dire need of associates. I came back and with a refreshed "pep" in my step. Since returning, I skyrocketed through the store and have now become a member of the "upper management" with B&H Computers. I'm very thankful that B&H has given this "didn't call back" person a second shot to see what I could truly do."