Taking Business Management Out of the Box

History of B&H Computers: Origins of TIMG


Founded in 1994, B&H Computers started out as a local computer sales and repair company. During the next seven years, B&H assisted in the relocation of a local government I.T. center and worked with several local businesses to streamline their technological needs. In 2001, B&H purchased the local Radio-Shack franchise which also included a US Cellular Agent franchise with yearly gross sales totaling $500,000 and employing eight professionals. During the next few years B&H became a key performer, receiving many performance awards and setting new records for US Cellular's agent channel. During that time, B&H has continued to flourish opening additional stores in four states - Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and West Virginia.

In 2016, B&H founded their third company, “The Innovative Management Group”, TIMG.  TIMG is a consulting & training company built on the standards and principles that has made B&H the sought-after and successful company that it is today.  TIMG offers the models and tools needed to make any company or organization thrive in today's challenging and competitive markets.